1. Apply trailer brakes and set tractor parking brakes.
2. Ensure semi-trailer wheels are chocked.
3. If trailer has air ride suspension dump the air in trailer.
4. Lower landing gear until on pads or ground then crank handle 4 to 6 more times in low gear.
5. Unlock air lines and electrical line. Check for wear on glad hand rubbers, pins, etc.
6. Open fifth wheel release lever, ensuring the yoke pin is out the handle is out and the fifth wheel slide locks are in the lock position.
7. Clear front of the tractor. Release brake and pull tractor ahead slowly approximately 3 inches, set parking brake, dump air ride in tractor,
get out and check for clearance between the fifth wheel and the bolster plate.
8. Clear the front again then pull the tractor cleat of trailer, approximately one tractor length.
9. Complete a post trip inspection of fifth wheel and locking device.